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Cheltenham Bournside Sports Centre

A versatile and sports facility and conference room venue within Cheltenham Bournside School.
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Located in a quiet, accessible part of town, Cheltenham Bournside Sports (CBS) Centre stands out as a practical choice for event organisers looking for a space that blends sports, fitness, and event facilities. The venue boasts modern amenities tailored to support a variety of events, from sports tournaments and team-building exercises to seminars and workshops. Its array of spaces includes everything from a spacious sports hall, ideal for large-scale events and competitions, to smaller, adaptable rooms perfect for meetings or training sessions.

The venue is kitted out with all the necessary tech for corporate events, including top-notch sound systems and projectors, ensuring that presentations and communications run smoothly. For events that require a bit of exclusivity, separate entrances and dedicated areas can be arranged. Practicality is at the heart of CBS Venue Hire, with a focus on providing functional spaces that are both versatile and user-friendly.

The experienced events team at CBS Centre is proactive in configuring spaces to match specific event requirements, ensuring that each setup is optimal for the client’s needs. From the layout of the physical spaces to the configuration of technical equipment, the team works diligently to ensure that each event runs without a hitch. With the additional option of using outdoor fields for more dynamic and expansive events, Cheltenham Bournside Sports Centre offers a comprehensive solution for those looking to host an event that combines flexibility, convenience, and a touch of sporty flair.

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Cheltenham Bournside Sports Centre, Warden Hill Road, Cheltenham, GL51 3EF
What are people saying?

What are people saying about Cheltenham Bournside Sports Centre?

Versatile and Well-Equipped

Cheltenham Bournside Sports Centre is consistently praised for its broad array of sports facilities, which cater well to both local community needs and organised events. Reviewers highlight the versatility of the sports halls and the variety of equipment available, making it an ideal venue for sports events and fitness classes​​​​.

Highly Accessible and Community-Focused

Visitors appreciate the centre's accessibility, noting the ample and free parking which eases access to the facilities. The centre is lauded for its mission to provide a dynamic range of sport and play opportunities, which reflects its strong community focus and commitment to promoting health and wellness across all ages and abilities​​.

Positive Atmosphere and Supportive Staff

The atmosphere within the sports centre is often described as positive and welcoming, a sentiment echoed by users of its martial arts classes. The Tae Kwon Do sessions, in particular, are noted for their high quality of instruction and the supportive nature of the staff and trainers. Reviewers often mention the friendly environment which enhances their overall experience at the centre​​.

Overall, Cheltenham Bournside Sports Centre is recognised for its comprehensive facilities, community-oriented services, and a supportive atmosphere that makes it a standout choice for event organisers and participants alike.

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Cheltenham Bournside Sports Centre

Cheltenham Bournside Sports Centre, Warden Hill Road, Cheltenham, GL51 3EF
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