How it works for an event supplier

We help you find the right customers. Whether you're just starting out or an events industry veteran, we'll help you take your business to the next level.


We inform you of events

We receive hundreds of requests a day for events all over the UK. With your specifications, we’ll send you relevant requests.
We inform you of events. Example event requests sent to suppliers based on their specifications


Send your quote

Choose the right events for your business. Pay a small fee to get in touch with customers you choose.
Send your quote. Example of a supplier sending a quote for a small fee


Get hired!

Discuss the finer details and arrange booking. We take no commission when you are hired.
Get hired! Example of an organiser choosing a supplier for their wedding event


How long will it take to sign up?
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Creating a new account only takes a few minutes. You’ll be asked to provide some basic details about your company such as the name, address, services provided and company description. You’ll gain immediate access to view local requests and once verified by our team you can start to respond and gain new bookings.
How does Add to Event charge?
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It’s completely free to sign up for an account and view the requests in your local area. If you see a job you like, you can then purchase credits to get in touch with the organiser. The number of credits for each job varies depending on its value. After the initial contact, you’re free to manage the booking yourself and there's no commission to pay.
What type of requests will I receive?
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We receive requests from a large range of organisers, whether it’s a bride-to-be looking for suppliers for her wedding or a corporate event organiser looking for highly specialist suppliers for a large function. We give you the ability to select the type of requests you’d like to be notified of and the maximum distance you’re able to travel to. This means you’re just hearing and responding to the jobs that matter to you.
What if I don't have availability right now?
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Many of our suppliers have already secured bookings for months in advance. The beauty of the pay as you go model means that there’s no ongoing cost to remain on the platform and you can pick and choose the requests that work for you. With some of our busiest suppliers this means they can also use the platform to fill in those days they don’t otherwise have bookings for, such as mid-week and off-peak bookings.
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Do you provide event services?

Whether you’re just starting out, or an events industry veteran, we’ll help you find the right customers.
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