How it Works

Event Suppliers

Users submit detailed requests

  • Users come to Add to Event to request services for their event

  • Users complete our detailed forms which are tailored based on the services they are requesting. No generic requests!

  • We review each request before sending it out to ensure it’s legitimate and relevant


We notify you of the lead

  • We send new leads direct to your inbox

  • View full details of the event before deciding whether to respond

  • If you are interested and available you can send a quote through Add to Event


Send a quote if you're available

  • Include a price estimate, images and a personal message in your quote

  • Your quote is sent along with your Add to Event profile, reviews, website and contact info

  • You pay per quote using credits


Secure the booking and earn reviews

  • You can discuss the details and arrange the booking through our messaging system, over the phone or in person

  • No commission charged on the booking

  • Earn reviews after each booking and strengthen your profile on Add to Event