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Cherwell Boathouse

Experience quintessential English delight with punting and an award-winning wine list.
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Tucked away on the serene banks of the River Cherwell, the Cherwell Boathouse stands as a quintessential Oxford venue, combining the elegance of fine dining with the quaint charm of riverside punting. Renowned for its idyllic setting, this venue offers a unique blend of culinary excellence and the timeless tradition of boating, making it a standout choice for event organisers looking to create an unforgettable experience.

The Cherwell Boathouse is not only celebrated for its picturesque location but also for its versatility in hosting a variety of events. Whether it's a marquee wedding with a view of the river, a corporate function in the conservatory, or a more intimate gathering in the lower boathouse, the venue promises a bespoke experience. The marquee on the terrace, available year-round, can host from 20 to 120 guests, offering everything from casual canapés to formal sit-down meals, complete with underfloor heating for the colder months​​.

The venue is steeped in a relaxed yet refined atmosphere, where event attendees can indulge in a range of activities. Punting, described as a "quintessentially Oxford" pleasure, adds an element of gentle adventure and nostalgia to any visit. The boathouse's proximity to both tranquil countryside and historic urban parks allows guests to explore the natural beauty of Oxford by boat, making it especially appealing for social gatherings, team-building events, or romantic celebrations​​.

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Cherwell Boathouse, Bardwell Road, Oxford OX2 6ST
What are people saying?

Here's what people think about this idyllic riverside spot.

Scenic and Serene Atmosphere

Guests frequently praise the "impossibly romantic riverside setting" that defines Cherwell Boathouse, making it a perfect venue for events and relaxed outings. The picturesque views of the River Cherwell provide a tranquil backdrop that enhances any visit, whether for dining or punting. The setting is consistently described as a key highlight, enhancing the overall experience with its natural beauty and peaceful ambiance​​​​.

Exemplary Food and Wine Selection

The restaurant at Cherwell Boathouse is lauded for its exceptional culinary offerings. Reviewers highlight dishes like Skrei Cod and Guinea Fowl Breast as particularly memorable, and the restaurant's ability to cater to various dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options, is well-appreciated. The wine list receives special mention for its variety and great value, with accolades such as the 2013 Louis Roederer Wine List of the Year from Imbibe Magazine, showcasing an extensive selection that caters both to novices and connoisseurs​​​​.

Friendly and Efficient Service

Service at Cherwell Boathouse is often described as "cheerful, knowledgeable, and very friendly," contributing significantly to the dining experience. Patrons appreciate the attentive and responsive staff who add a personal touch to their meals, making the atmosphere "warm and welcoming." This level of service, combined with the quality of food and setting, makes Cherwell Boathouse a preferred choice for both locals and visitors looking to enjoy a quintessential Oxford experience​​​​.

Overall, Cherwell Boathouse stands out for its scenic location, exceptional dining, and welcoming service, making it a top recommendation for anyone planning a special event or seeking a memorable dining experience in Oxford.

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Cherwell Boathouse

Cherwell Boathouse, Bardwell Road, Oxford OX2 6ST
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