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Theatre Alibi

A creative hub for events and rehearsals in Exeter.
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Theatre Alibi in Exeter offers a unique venue for hire, blending the charm of historic architecture with the innovation of modern theatre. Located within the creative heart of the city, this space is housed in the beautifully refurbished Emmanuel Hall, combining the aesthetic appeal of a listed building with cutting-edge theatre facilities.

This venue is more than just a space; it's an immersive environment ideal for a variety of events. With a fully equipped theatre space, complete with lighting and sound systems, Theatre Alibi is capable of hosting everything from professional theatre productions to corporate presentations and private functions. The theatre space offers a flexible seating arrangement, allowing event organisers to customise the layout to suit their specific needs, whether it’s a traditional theatre setup or something more bespoke for special events.

Adding to its versatility, Theatre Alibi provides additional spaces such as meeting rooms and a welcoming foyer area. These areas are perfect for smaller gatherings, workshops, or breakout sessions during larger events. The staff at Theatre Alibi are experienced in tailoring events to fit the specific requirements of organisers, ensuring a personalised and memorable experience for all attendees. The unique setting and professional facilities make Theatre Alibi a standout choice for those looking to host an event in a venue that sparks creativity and inspiration.

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Theatre Alibi, Emmanuel Hall, Emmanuel Rd, Exeter EX4 1EJ
What are people saying?

We've read online reviews to get a feel for Theatre Alibi's space.

Unique and Versatile Space

Event organisers and visitors often praise Theatre Alibi for offering a unique and versatile venue within the charming Emmanuel Hall. One user noted, "The blend of historic architecture with modern theatrical facilities provides a distinctive backdrop that adds an artistic flair to any event"​​. This adaptability makes it a favourite choice in Exeter for various events, from theatre productions to private gatherings.

Supportive and Accommodative Staff

Reviews frequently highlight the supportive nature of the staff at Theatre Alibi, commending their dedication to ensuring events run smoothly. Organisers appreciate the team’s attentiveness and flexibility, crucial in tailoring events to specific requirements. One event organiser mentioned, "The level of service is often a significant factor in the success of events held at the venue"​​.

Culturally Rich Atmosphere

Theatre Alibi’s reputation for integrating the arts into its venue hire services is well acknowledged. Hirers have found that the cultural and creative atmosphere of the venue enhances their events, making them more engaging and memorable. One review stated, "The theatre's commitment to artistic excellence is evident in the quality of the facilities and the unique experiences it offers its guests"​​.

These attributes make Theatre Alibi not just a venue, but a partner in creating deeply memorable and bespoke events, appreciated by those looking to infuse their gatherings with creativity and culture.

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Theatre Alibi

Theatre Alibi, Emmanuel Hall, Emmanuel Rd, Exeter EX4 1EJ
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