Corporate Catering Ltd

Corporate Catering Ltd

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5 Star Review

Above all superlatives!

If I'd a team of buyers and 6 months to look, there is no way I would have found a better package.
As it happened it was caterers for my very recently deceased funeral reception that I was searching for, and I had two working days!
This fabulous firm gained time by agreeing menues at the weekend, and set the venue upto be ready in good time for the first arrival.
Communication standards were faultless, the range of services available explained and we made our choice, serving standards were exemplary, and the food itself was absolutely amazing! Vegetarian options that were very attractive and very edible, meat and other finger food, with accompanying "garnish" (to be eaten, not thrown away is the policy behind e.g. the way in which a lettuce leaf is used), all very fresh with not a turned up corner in sight.
Crockery, cutlery and glassware were provided, and we didn't even have to wash up!

Value for money??

Please don't tell them, but they're too cheap!
Main course and dessert selections that fed everyone not just adequately, but extremely well for £15 a head plus a couple of prearranged addons , delivered, presented, served and cleared needs no further comment than, "yes, spectacular "

Reviewed by: Ron M
12th Jul 2016