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I am a fashion illustrator offering my services for weddings or other important events.
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About Dan Swan Art Illustrations

As it is of course such a special day, people usually dress up for the occasion, and having an original piece of fashion illustration art as a memento is a wonderful way to commemorate and remember the day.

I have been offering this service independently so far with success and would now like to expand my possibilities.

The way I have been conducting this idea is the following:

The people getting married can hire my services for the day for a flat rate: I go to the venue, set up a station and create unique fashion illustrations of the guests who so wish when they approach my station. I take a photo of the person so they can go on enjoying the festivities while I work, and they can pick their painting when it is ready (on average these take from 20-30 minutes). I do as many as time allows, the rate for the day depends on the number of hours I am asked to stay.

The people getting married hire my services after the celebration: they send me select photos from the day and I work on an illustration-by-illustration basis (charging independently for each one). Some people prefer this to ensure there are specific people that are portrayed; the method where I go to the celebration, though more riveting as it is offering something on site being done at the moment and people quite like seeing it, does have the drawback that it is limited by time and more guests than time allows often put themselves forward for an illustration.

On occasion, a combination of both methods is sometimes preferred; this usually happens when a specific person or two that are particularly important (such as a parent) for the couple have not been portrayed due to time restrictions and they commission a few more works with the second method just to have them. However, I am open to other suggestions you may devise.


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