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A bespoke service creating personal poems for wedding, celebrations and events. Based in London.

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About I Do Poetry

We write unique, personal poems for all manner of events; weddings, birthday’s, baby showers, event openings, film screenings, galas - you name it, we’ve done it.

Every event booking begins in the same way, with a little chat and a cup of tea (the tea, unlike the chat, is non-complusary, but we like to opt-in)
We’ll begin by discussing your event and what you’d like the tone of the poem to be, then we’ll decide whether you’d like to hire someone to perform the poem, or whether you’d rather receive a PDF and audio version and perform it yourself - this is a really lovely option for intimate events like weddings and christenings as it feels much more personal.

We’ll move on to talk about the recipient of the poem; a friend, partner, parent, a happy couple. You’ll tell us what they’re like, what they mean to you, share some stories or memories and discuss what you’d like the poem to say to them.

Meanwhile, we’ll be scribbling notes and asking lots of questions, many of which may seem inconsequential ‘what colour is his front door’ ‘what does she have on her keyring’ but it’s the tiny details that help to make each poem so personal, we like to capture the little things, the seemingly insignificant things, the quirks.

Then we’ll squirrel ourselves away somewhere and write.

We’ll be back in touch roughly a week later to send you the poem in both written and audio form (even if you won’t be performing it yourself, it’s nice to hear it out loud) then you can let us know what you think!
If you’d like to make any changes, this is the time and once you’re completely happy - we’ll send the final version over.

We also provide handwritten versions of the poems, framed with little illustrations, wrapped in tissue paper, popped in a poster tube and posted out to you.
These are popular for gifts, mementoes and bridesmaid favours.


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