We are experienced in hospitality and catering and offer location craft services for TV and film productions in London and Surrey.

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About Kaffecamper

Are you filming on location around London and Surrey? Sick of losing runners to the local coffee shop or supermarket? Are you looking for craft services or a one-off catering treat for crew and cast? We offer a range of food and drink on TV and film production locations around London and Surrey, along with a trained barista on location.

What are craft services? Traditionally, these are snacks and drinks offered to workers during filming, between the main cooked meals. With early starts and often late finishes, craft services guarantee workers are not light headed from hunger or thirst and perform their best. In the United States craft services are routine, unfortunately in the UK it is seen more as a "treat" and a way to boost morale on a production. Kaffecamper recommends providing a regular craft service during production to maintain high energy and performance during filming. We are happy to provide "treat" days but much prefer block bookings for productions, to complete your catering needs. If you would like us to recommend location catering companies, we are happy to help.



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