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About Silu Design Studio - Quick Cute Portraits for Your Event

Silu Design Studio - The Cutest Portraits in London | Add a live art experience to your event which you and your guests will remember.

I'm Silu from Silu Design Studio. I would be happy to add a wonderful live art experience to your special event. Every drawing is an adventure full of adrenaline in finding the balance, beauty and harmony

When you book please keep in mind live caricature is a performance, so, there is no need for everybody to be drawn. Usually, not all the guest want a drawing. Some of your guests will enjoy watching. Two hours minimum per event is recommended. The live caricature is a natural process and the maximum speed is acquired after the first few drawings. Depending on the complexity, the quickest drawings can take less than 3! minutes. The average is 10 drawings/hour. The number of drawings per hour is related to the size of the gaps between drawings (usually, I'm very busy so the gaps are minimum) and to the complexity of the models. Travel charges may apply for outside London events.

2 hours - £320
3 hours - £440
4 hours - £520
5 hours - £560

I'm very proud to get the highest rating from my clients
My style of drawing makes me very popular and attractive at the events where I'm invited, often I'm the last entertainer who leaves the place as I always have people waiting for a drawing. Please check my Reviews on my website.

Full payment is preferred if possible or if the date of your event is close to the booking date, for example, 1 month - 2 weeks beforehand. In this case, everything is set and there is nothing else you have to do. As well, less paperwork means more time for art. Otherwise, a 20% deposit must be paid to secure the booking at a specified date and the price listed above. Full amount has to be paid no later than 3 days before the event date. If you require further flexibility or wish to discuss details, please get in touch.

Typical Clients

Live Caricature for Corporate Events, Weddings, Private Parties, Trade Shows, Conferences, Fundraising Events, in London and around.

Choose for your guests to feel flattered (not offended)
Unlike classical caricature, my portraits reveal a pleasant appearance, not the ugliness and grotesque. The constant feedback I receive is: "I'm more beautiful in your drawing than in reality." [...] Read the full article on my website, the LIVE CARICATURE page.

The portraits
Individual portraits on A4 size (200gsm paper) is the best choice for the clarity of details and speed, and a higher speed results in more people having a portrait done. The portraits, ready to be framed, are delivered to your guests for free protected in transparent folders. I'm happy to draw multiple portraits, couples or a maximum of three portraits (occasionally) on the same sheet, as well, but compositions are more complex and can be slightly slower. For every 2 hours, I may need a short, roughly, 10 min break. This is to be certain I keep the quality of the line high and I deliver only the best quality drawings. I arrive always at least 30 minutes / 1 hour earlier to discuss every detail and to be sure we can set up the event best way. My aim is to make your guests happy by drawing as many portraits as possible.

For a successful live caricature event, we need
1. Decent lighting, indoors, in the drawing area. A place close to a window or a source of light is best. 2. Two chairs normal size (three if I have to draw couples). 3. A small table is helpful for my tools and to present some drawings for your guests to know what to expect. 4. Shaded area, outdoor. Sunlight can be very powerful and its reflection on paper makes the drawing process very challenging.

If you think you'll be too busy during your event to attend the live session (bride and groom) and you book live caricature for your guests only, you can choose to have your caricature done prior your event. The drawing will be delivered on my arriver, before the live event. Please let me know if you need this service to be included in your quote.

Working with children
I think there are no better models for cartoons than kids. I have developed a poignant way of drawing children and have received wonderful feedback. For more on this, please check my gallery and the certified review on Poptop UK Event Booking by Andrew Shires @ Polka Theatre - children’s theatre in Wimbledon. I know I'm doing something special when they don't leave without telling me: "I want to draw like you!".

Even if I enjoy drawing in any condition, seated or standing, my aim is to deliver only the best portraits and live art experiences to your guests. The best and most effective way of doing live caricature, the quality of drawings and speed, is from sitting. Walking around is not the best way of doing live caricature and is rarely necessary. [...] Read the full article on my website, the LIVE CARICATURE page.

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* Royal Borough of Greenwich - London's Friendliest Borough
* Polka Theatre, London - Children’s theatre in Wimbledon
* Safe Child Thailand, London - Charity
* The Flying Seagull Project for Salesforce Tower London
* Under 1 Roof, London - Children's Play Centre
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* Cirque le Soir, London - One of the most exhilarating clubbing brands in the world
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Book Silu Design Studio - Quick Cute Portraits for Your Event

Get quotes from Silu Design Studio - Quick Cute Portraits for Your Event and others within hours.

Takes 2-3 minutes

Get quotes from Silu Design Studio - Quick Cute Portraits for Your Event

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