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Anarchy Cinema

Anarchy Cinema is a UK based creative video production company creating professional video content all over Europe.
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A short documentary about break dancing filmed during Boom Bap And Breaks in Manchester.

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About Anarchy Cinema

We focus on helping businesses and organisations grow by implementing videos into their structure. Most of our clients hire us for their regular events to create long term video content.

In the most basic terms we create video content which is designed to make you more money by bringing in more visitors, saving you time and forming stronger relationships with your client base.

Our clients are based all over Europe and we have worked in partnership with organisations such as the Young Creative Leaders, Elevate Young Minds, Lancashire BME Network and World Youth Alliance.

We have worked in places like Portugal, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Tanzania and of course the UK.

Our services range from covering events to creating full documentaries to short highlight videos. Basically, anything video related, we cover it.

Here at Anarchy Cinema, we treat each video as a narrative film. Every event has a story, a purpose and a message which deserves a video that establishes that. We focus on composition, pace, story and making each video as impactful as possible, not only visually, but also emotionally.

Typical Clients

We provide video services for all types of events. We have a huge amount of experience in International Events with an artistic and diplomatic focus and we also focus on creating content for organisations, businesses and musicians.

We have worked with:

Namiuki Events (UK)
Hotbox Events (PT)
KeschMesch (DE)
International Careers Festival (IT)
Goldlife Entertainment (NL)
Young Creative Leaders (UK)
Breakdance Manchester (UK)
Lancashire BME Network (UK)
Elevate Young Minds (UK)
Angels Of Youth (UK)
Tokyo Red (UK)


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