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About Madrenaline Activities

How much fun would your guests have with Madrenaline attending your special day with our Activities, see our list below for a venue or we can come to your event with our mobile services.

Segway - Hop on a Segway and the fun begins, If you've never heard of Segways, they are basically electric-powered personal transporters that look like proper space-age gadgets. All the clever geometry stuff is hidden inside the wheels and housing, but you don't need to worry about the physics of how Segways work, just enjoy the ride.

Archery - If youre guests are looking to hone their hunting and shooting skills. Archery is for them, its no wonder this group-friendly activity is a popular choice to entertain your guests. So flex your fingers, ready your bow and prepare to fire some amazing arrows.

Sky Bow moving targets - Firstly there is nothing like it in the world, it offers a totally new concept to archery that involves moving targets flying in the air just waiting for you to bring them down with your special Sky Bow and Arrow, No worries if your not Katniss Everdeen, our expert instructors will have you aiming and shooting down moving targets in no time at all, bringing out your competitive streak as you compete against your fellow members of the team/district...

Body Zorbing - Well we begin by asking you to harness yourselves into your own one man Zorb ball suit and split off into teams. Tackling, pushing, shoving is all allowed in this game, use the more effective barge to win the ball off your opponents sending them flying end over end in the process. When in control of the ball, if you can stop yourself howling with laughter for long enough, dribble it forward before smashing it home past the goalie, but beware, a barge could come from any direction!

Typical Clients

We provide a venue or mobile activities to entertain your guests/Clients. We have a wealth of experience of over 14 years in the entertainment industry and can make your event one of the best!


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