Rugby Ninjutsu

Professional martial arts school teaching Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu and a number of weapons arts. We also teach knife and tomahawk throwing, archery, nunchaku, stick fighting in various forms and much more! Knife and axe throwing ranges for hire!
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A demonstration of one of the hardest throwing techniques, No reload no spin knife throwing.

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Rugby Ninjutsu
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About Rugby Ninjutsu

We are a martial arts schools based in Rugby, Warwickshire that teaches the art of Ninjutsu, famous for training the legendary warriors known as the Ninja or shadow warriors of feudal Japan.

The modern art of Ninjutsu is an extremely comprehensive martial science that covers the study on 9 separate schools of martial arts known as Ryuha and the study of over 18 seperate weapons and skills known as the Bugei Juhappen. Today Ninjutsu focuses on personal development and learning in a fun and friendly environment!

My name is Jamie and i'm the owner and head instructor of Rugby Ninjutsu and the owner of Ningu - Traditional Ninjutsu Equipment, our shop that supplies and manufactures martial arts equipment. I also run a knife and tomahawk throwing organisation called UK Throwers. Due to this we offer a wide range of products and services such as:

Private Martial Arts Tuition - 1 to 1 sessions looking at specific aspects of unarmed combat and weapons training. Fully qualified, insured and DBS checked instructors. All equipment provided.

Group Sessions - Private martial arts tuition for larger groups (up to 10). This is usually booked for our basic self defence courses.

Weapons Workshops - We teach a vast array of weapons skills such as Kenjutsu (Swordsmanship), Bojutsu (Staff Fighting), Kali (Stick Fighting), Nunchuku (Flail), Rope Dart, Shurikenjutsu (Knife Throwing) and much more. Age restrictions apply.

Events & Expos - We have attended and hosted stalls and demonstrations at a variety of martial arts expos and events. Recently we taught knife and tomahawk throwing at the Kaizen Expo 2018 and were fortunate enough to be featured on the BBC News in Nottingham.

Knife & Tomahawk Range Hire - We offer full knife and tomahawk throwing range hire for a variety of events. Fully qualified insured and DBS checked instructors. All equipment provided.

And much more .......

Typical Clients

Martial Arts Expos, Seminars, Community Events, TV, Festivals, Team building and corporate events, unspecified events, parties.


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