The Saint in Scarlet

The Saint in Scarlet is the Unconventional Wedding Magician. Using mindreading to provide truly personal performances based around your guests thoughts and memories
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About The Saint in Scarlet

I am the Saint in Scarlet and I am not your typical Magician.

I’m a mind reader

I aim to provide for you a unique type of magic, which you will never be able to experience with anyone else. Nor will I be able to experience it with anyone but you.

Because you are critical to my existence.

Unlike traditional magic; card tricks, coin tricks, linking rings. All of which can be recorded without an audience put on YouTube or played on TV without changing whatsoever.

Mind reading is something that can only be experienced with people, without your minds, your thoughts and your imagination, I would not be able to do anything amazing.

So, the audience, you, reading this right now are amazing, full Stop.

My act must have an audience and each audience shapes it completely. Every single show I have ever done, every performance I have completed every single mind I have ever read. They are all unique and individual, with their own stories and experiences that make or break the show.

Because they do, I constantly have to adapt and change the direction my performances go in to put you in the spotlight and show off what makes us all truly unique and important, our experiences.

No other form of entertainment can be as unique

That’s why I read minds because every single day is a brand new and exciting story. I just hope you can join me for the next journey, or I can join you for yours.

Typical Clients

I perform at venues all over the UK, within the Wedding industry I am known as "The Unconventional Wedding Magician" so you know that whatever you have planned, together we can make it awesome.

I'm always excited to work with clients who have a vision for what they want their event to be and I will do everything I can, as a Mindreader and an Event Specialist to ensure that happens.

So let's get together and see what magic we can create at your event, my door is always open to a free consultation any time so just give me a quick google, find my details and lets chat!


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