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The Science of Sound for Kids aged 5-12: SEE, TOUCH, AND HEAR SCIENCE IN ACTION!

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About The Science of Sound

The Science of Sound invites young minds on an exploratory journey into the fascinating world of science. Our unique educational programme is crafted to ignite curiosity, foster a love for learning, and introduce a wider STEM curriculum through the lens of sound. With a variety of activities, we ensure every child discovers joy and knowledge in our offerings.

Workshops and Assemblies
Tailored for immersive learning, our sessions unravel the mysteries of science, from the physics of sound waves and the biology of hearing to the technology behind sound production. Each interactive workshop is a stepping stone into broader scientific concepts, making complex theories accessible and engaging.

Birthdays and Celebrations
Transform celebrations into a learning fest with our sound science-themed parties. Interactive demonstrations, experiments, and games make learning about sound a memorable experience, blending education with entertainment to celebrate special occasions.

After-School Clubs
Our clubs provide a continuous journey into sound science, offering children the opportunity to expand their knowledge through hands-on activities. From constructing instruments to exploring acoustics, these sessions are perfect for in-depth exploration in a relaxed setting.

Holiday Camps
Our camps keep the spirit of discovery alive during school breaks with a mix of workshops, experiments, and field trips. Each camp is a new adventure, designed to engage children with science in the most enjoyable way.

Special Events
Designed for schools and communities, our special events offer unique educational experiences. From fun days filled with sound-based activities to science fairs featuring demonstrations, we bring sound science to life in exciting ways.

Who Is It For?
SOS is for children aged 5-12, with content tailored to be age-appropriate and challenging. We believe in making sound science accessible to all, fostering a diverse learning environment that encourages

Typical Clients

We typically offer our services to a range of clients. This includes parents, corporations, schools, play centres, local authorities, and more.


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