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Crazy Dog Brazilian Food

Traditional Brazilian Street food truck - perfect for all events, including festivals, private parties, weddings

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About Crazy Dog Brazilian Food

My name is Luciano Flesses and I have been in the catering industry now for over 25 years and have run my own restaurants, both in London and in Brazil. I am now very excited about moving into the street food world which is why I have started my own Brazilian Street food truck called "Crazy Dog". Over the summer I've specialised in my Brazilian style hotdogs at festivals and private events. My product is made from locally baked bread packed with the perfect blend of homemade tomato sauce, melted cheese, sweetcorn, fresh parsley, spring onions and two succulent sausages drizzled with my original Brazilian sauces. The hotdogs have been a huge success, as they are unique and delicious. Over the winter I shall be continuing with the hotdogs but will also be cooking Feijoada, which is a typical Brazilian wholesome meaty black bean stew served together with rice and greens.

I am also a private chef and have lots of experience in cooking for private dinners, birthdays and recently I was the private chef for a group of 12 senior Microsoft Directors over a course of two days. I design the menus around the needs of the client.

Typical Clients

I am available for all kinds of events - festivals, weddings, birthdays, street food events


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